Book on the “Aircraft End of Life Process”

James Douglas Scroggins III, founder of Scroggins Aviation co-authored a book titled “Junkyard Jets” about the Aircraft End of Life Process.  Junkyard Jets is a comprehensive look into what happens to the world’s commercial aircraft when they reach the end of their service life. This is the first book completely dedicated to this subject. This new publication uncovers every detail of a variety of commercial airliners from the classic Boeing 707 to the modern Boeing 777, as well as various narrow and wide body airframes. With 367 full-color photographs, Junkyard Jets illustrates the commercial aircraft dismantling, scrapping process as well as incident/accident recovery, airframe explosive testing and large jets being used in television/movie making. Manufacturers contract numbers, details of  the process as well as explanations of interesting trivia are explained by authors James D. Scroggins and Nicholas Veronico.


Junkyard Jets cover

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