Scroggins Aviation’s Mi-8 in Spaceman

In the Netflix film, Spaceman. Scroggins Aviation supplied the Mi8 military helicopter in the film. It is shown here on stage during the making of the movie. Poster by Netflix/ photos by Scroggins Aviation

Scroggins Aviation’s Caravan C208B in Vacation Friends 2

In the Hulu production, Vacation Friends 2. Scroggins Aviation supplied a Cessna Grand Caravan C-208B (cn. 208B5019) in the film. It is shown here during the making of the production as a getaway plane, then Scroggins team changed it to look like it crash landed in a field, with the help of production.  The Scroggins … Continued

DC Comics film Blue Beetle uses Scroggins Aviation’s helicopter.

In DC comics film, Blue Beetle. Scroggins Aviation’s UH-60 (79-23354) Black Hawk was transformed in the rear cabin with a high-tech interior, including a Ray Gun that would drop from the ceiling of the Kord Heli-craft depicted in the film. Only the interior cabin and cockpit were used for the scenes. While the interior was … Continued

The Making of a Movie Star

Meet the guys who helped prepare the King Air for a starring role in “On a Wing and a Prayer” By: Kim Blonigen King Air aviation magazine features the behind the scenes look at the King Air supplied in the film, On a Wing and a Prayer. Click to view the article. Download pdf of … Continued