Scroggins is featured in Cinefex – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Cinefex – the journal to cinematic illustrations August 2017, issue 154, featured five films including Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Kid Underneath the Suit – by Jody Duncan Editor Jody Duncan explains how the cinematic scenes were done to create the film Spider-Man: Homecoming. It goes into how the different companies built the sets to the digital … Continued

Scroggins Aviation builds Spitfire for DUNKIRK

In the Blockbuster film DUNKIRK, Warner Brothers contracted Scroggins Aviation to build a full size Spitfire. The aircraft shown here being built, was used during the entire sequence Jack Lowden’s Spitfire ditches on the water and sinks. It also played a part when Tom Hardy’s landing gear was deployed prior to landing on the beach. … Continued

The Night Shift used Scroggins Aviation’s Huey for Season 4

In the NBC television series The Night Shift.  Scroggins Aviaton’s Bell UH-1H Huey helicopter comes back for a 2nd season run.  Scroggins rebuilt the Huey from the ground up for season 3 and 4.  Below are two images showing it on location for season 3. The Night Shift premier’s on NBC June 22, 2017.  

Scroggins builds C-17 cockpit for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Everyone here at Scroggins Aviation would like to thank the producers for giving us the opportunity to work on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Scroggins Aviation built Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures the modified C-17 Globemaster III cockpit and supplied the aircraft wreckage in the film.   Our company also provided an Aviation Technical Advisor for the film. Scroggins cut the … Continued

EC-135 MedEvac added to Scroggins Aviation fleet

Scroggins Aviation adds this EC-135 MedEvac helicopter to its fleet of mockups. This helicopter will be repainted inside and out and will be available with all its medical equipment installed. It’s complete less the main rotor assy. For more information please contact us.